This is a blog about sales, marketing and services digital transformation. Kimmo Kanerva blog describes best practices, research reports and my own opinions how to lead change management and improve processes.

This blog describes how sales performance and customer experience can be improved by better use of analytics, CRM, customer insight, new governance practices and organizational capabilities.

Marketing organisation capabilities
September 21, 2014

New Marketing Organization Capabilities and Structure: Analytics, Experiences, Content, Engagement

Majority of marketing organizations are still living in the 1980's I was so pleased to…
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Digital MarketingLeadership
August 11, 2014

The Chief Marketing Technologist; Strategist – Creative Director – Technology Leader – Teacher

"Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most technology-dependent functions in business. In 2012 the…
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Customer Experience
June 2, 2014

Customer Experience – Best Practices from Alko, Mehiläinen, CGI

Customer Experience Seminar in May 2014. Alko, Mehiläinen, CGI TalentVectia hold a customer experience seminar in…
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Data and Analytics
April 3, 2014

Sales Analytics: New Big Data Opportunities for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Companies’ Shrinking Margins Put Pressure on Sales Every Day You hardly hear discussions about…
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March 21, 2014

Digital Channels: More Important than Face-to-Face for Manufacturing Industry?

Digital channels override the physical sales meetings based on the IBM CxO study done during…
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Customer Experience
February 20, 2014

Customer Satisfaction Survey – 10 Steps to Get Concrete Actions

Many B2B companies are struggling to trigger corrective actions based on the customer satisfaction survey…
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