About Kimmo Kanerva

Kimmo Kanerva is a digital transformation agent who inspires teams to improve processes and take advantage of digital innovations. With a proven track record of leading digital transformations and a passion for delivering customer-centric digital experiences, Kimmo Kanerva  helps to improve sales, marketing and technical support performance.

Kimmo Kanerva possess a strong B2B and B2C background in sales, product marketing and channel management from Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Latin America, APAC and the U.S. His special competences include digital and data strategies, business architecture, customer experience and creation of new operating models.

Kimmo´s leadership style is to encourage, coach and motivate, engaging people to collaborate across departments and business units. Kimmo Kanerva brings an innovative mindset, enthusiasm and a strategic view to the table to help companies drive business growth.

Work Experience of Kimmo Kanerva

Country Manager, Finland, Petra Agency: November 2018 ->

Head of Finland operations and lead strategy consultant for international clients. I help enterprises to transfer their traditional marketing operations into digital era, which is powered by data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

Petra Agency creates interactive customer experiences in digital touch-points including websites, commerce, portals, configurators and sales tools. Petra focuses on conversion optimization, SEO, digital advertising, web analytics and marketing management reporting.


Senior Advisor, Taival Advisory: February 2018 – October 2018

Taival Advisory is a new generation management consulting company that focuses on digital transformation and creation of new business models.

I accelerated digital transformations through renewing business, operating models and creation of agile organisational cultures. I acted as a transformation agent, strategist and as a project manager for clients.  I created omnichannel experiences, took a full use of modern CRM thinking, linked up startups and built new value through ecosystems. To accelerate change, I equipped teams with the right tools, capabilities and governance models.

CDO As-a-Service: August 2017 – January 2018

Kimmo Kanerva worked as a digital transformation agent on a freelance basis. One might call it chief customer officer duties another might categorize it as business design. I helped companies to take full advantage of digital possibilities.

Head of CRM and Digitalization, SSAB (=Swedish Steel): 2014  > May 2017

Kimmo Kanerva worked at SSAB Swedish steel company as Head of CRM and Digitalization. I led SSAB digital transformation and created company-wide commitment for digitalization. I built sustainable advantage out of digitalization by enchancing efficiency of sales, marketing and production.

I created commitment and facilitated digitalization strategy, vision, budgets and resources. I engaged and aligned personnel from different teams. I led change management initiatives and to built agility, speed and enhanced usage data across SSAB digital initiatives improved and harmonized digtal experience across digital channels and touch points.

I initiated SmartSteel ecosystem research to identify new models to create added value in the chain. Future value in steel industry will be created beyond one single enterprise.

I renewed SSAB web pages which are now creating 5x leads. New web pages brought SSAB closer to customers in each country through omnichannel approach and integrated translation processes. The project also included product data management renewal which is now enabling rich usage of product data.

I conducted pilots with the technical support to improve technical documentation processes and making technical support more effective in the way of working.

I increased CRM usage by 50% in only 6 months period. Global roll-out is now ongoing. Salesforce.com is becoming an integrated tool to manage customers across different teams from sales, technical support, R&D to marketing.

I renewed customer satisfaction survey = C-SAT. This now creates immediate improvements in the field and builds robust foundation of deeper customer understanding and experience.

Marketing Director, Ruukki: 2008 – 2014

Kimmo Kanerva was responsible for marketing strategies, digitalization, customer insight and experience in steel and construction industry.  When I joined the Ruukki steel company the first thing I established the foundation for marketing organization like marketing strategies and plans, organization structures, planning and budgeting processes.

I established customer insight, customer experience and CRM function that helped both R&D and sales to focus on growing and profitable market segments. I worked a lot in Russia to identify customer and business pain points. This created a solid roadmap for a construction business to improve way of working in sales and customer services. Digital tools streamlined price to quote over 5 days.

I renewed B2C roofing positioning which brought the business closer to end customers and enabled start of a new service business. The roofing business is profitable and has grown steadily year by year. Marketing automation processes utilizing Oracle Eloqua have been award winning in consequence years of 2014 – 2015. In the competition there has been also other international brands like PayPal, Lexmark, Twitter, Dell, Rockwell. Read more from IDBBN web site, or view my Slideshare. 

I created a new customer self-services channel and lead generation machine by renewing public web pages. Amount of qualifies leads increased by x10.

I facilitated and created a solid digitalization roadmap for Ruukki. This journey is now continuing with SSAB.

Senior Marketing Manager, Nokia Enterprise Solutions: 2004 – 2007

Kimmo Kanerva continued carrier as responsible for Nokia Enterprise Solutions new digitalization initiatives, which made technical support more effective and doubled B2B leads. I established ecommerce, facilitated global marketing strategies. I was responsible for partner marketing with biggest IT collaboration companies. In this position I had a pleasure to learn about marketing tactics and strategies from the best companies in the industry, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Symantec etc.

Marketing Manager, Nokia Public Safety and Professional Cellular: 1998 – 2003

After APAC, I was five years responsible for sales and marketing for Latin America, Middle East and Central Europe at Nokia in public safety and utility segment. I was able to raise first the Latin America market as the most significant market. In the Middle East I was able to beat up well established public safety brands like Motorola in the market through good distribution and marketing strategies.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones: 1996 – 1998

I started my career in Vietnam by establishing Nokia office, distribution and brand in 1996. In two years Nokia had archived a leading position in the market.

Speaking Engagements

  • 28.2.2017 Trelleborg AB, Marketing Counsil, Trelleborg
    Marketing automation and business transformation: Case Ruukki
  • 11.11.2016 Nordic Strategy Forum, Customer Experience, Riga
    Panel discussion about customer experience
  • 08.09.2016 Digital Business and Services, Helsinki
    Customer digital self services.
  • 03.11.2015 Enterprise Digital Transformation, Stockholm
    Renewal of www.ssab.com – renewing of marketing processes
  • 27.10.2015 Digital Business and Services, Helsinki
    Acting as the Moderator: 230 digital professionals
  • 02.08.2015 Sales and Marketing, 600 Minutes, Management Events, Helsinki
    Renewal of www.ssab.com and new marketing processes
  • 07.05.2015 Markkinointijohtaja – CMO Event by Talentum Events, Helsinki.
    Renewing customer experience with Sitecore
  • 05.06.2014 Digital Marketing Seminar, Malmö
    Digitization of Sales & Marketing
  • 17.10.2014 Digital Marketing Seminar, Stockholm
    Digitization of Sales & Marketing. New competences and lead management
  • 17.9.2014 Big Data analytics for Sales and Marketing, Helsinki
    Digitization Impact on Sales and Marketing
  • 10.9.2014 600Minutes BtoB Marketing & Sales, Helsinki
    Panel discussion: How digitalisation is effecting sales and marketing.
  • 10.7.2014 Digital Marketing Seminar, Båstad, Sweden
    Digitization of Sales and Marketing
  • 28.1. 2014 Digi & Mobile Summit 2014, Helsinki
    Personalization and Marketing Automation, Case Ruukki
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