Tom Peters at Nordic Business Forum, 2013

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Nordic Business Forum – How digitalization is effecting our business

Tom Peters talked in Nordic Business Forum about the great restructuring of businesses that is currently ongoing in the word. This restructuring is cased by digitalization (= Peters talks about Informatics/ Robotics/ Nanotechnology). In many professions only fraction of the man power is needed in the future as machines are conducting majority of the work.

Tom Peters at Nordic Business Forum

Nordic Business Forum, Tom Peters

Gamification is everywhere

In Nordic Business Forum Tom brought up excellently the power of gamification. I was partly surprised as this is relatively new topic in the enterprise productivity. Peters explained that gaminification should be everywhere. People are more productive as they play to get better and not necessary to win. When people want to get better they have hunger to improve performance.

Read more about gamification top 10 examples from Yukaichou blog:

Good execution doesn’t need a strategy

Tom Peters at Nordic Business Forum. Ready. Fire! Aim

Good execution don’t need endless strategy work.

“If the execution is good, you don’t need the strategy.” was Tom Peters advise. I believe this can be applied in companies that are struggling to get digitalization projects ongoing,  Clear vision is naturally needed in order to know where you are going, but I agree that many times you need stuff executed and less planning. Companies that are doing continuously just planning as Peters said “ready, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim” are far less likely to achieve anything compared to companies that actually act based on “ready, aim and fire”.

Peters also lifted up an idea that “whoever tries to most stuff fastest wins”. He referred to Mozart that composed over 600 works, which made it possible that couple of them became really famous. I think this is also true in digitizing enterprises that if you have a vision where you want to go, you need to try stuff and improve constantly. He also emphasized “fastest” that you need to act constantly. Tom also brought up three words “Fail, Forward, Fast”. This could act as good principle to many digital teams.

Peters talked about new titles in the CXO office. Companies should have Chief Engagement Officer (CNO), and the CEO is naturally Chief Experience Officer. These are all titles that relate to the great new restructuring of the enterprises and digital revolution.

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