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I am excited about the smartsteel research pilot that SSAB Swedish steel manufacturer made. How platform or ecosystem thinking could be applied in steel industry. How to increase transparency of product information flows for all parties in the value network. SSAB has a clear desire to create a better customer experience and discover new ways to create added value on top of physical products.

Smartsteel ecosystem - Material of Things - SSAB infograph

Smartsteel ecosystem in steel industry – Material of Things – SSAB infograph


A smartsteel pilot research was conducted with Meyer Turku, Cajo Technologies, Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, DIMECC (Digital, Internet, Materials & Engineering Co-Creation) and Academy of Finland’s Strategic Research Council.


Smartsteel Solution Idea

To maximize its value creation potential, critical process and product data needs to be shared and accumulated within the value chain. Data needs to be shared in the future also from autonomous manufacturing between enterprises.

The whole value chain from the start to the end of the material’s lifecycle would accumulate and contribute to the knowledge base and thus create a full visibility to for example, the carbon footprint. When successful, this will improve value creation throughout the ecosystem, strengthen the ecosystem and guide companies toward higher sustainability.


Potential Benefits of Smarsteel

  • Ability to identify the steel plate and the precise characteristics of it
  • Ability to ensure the authenticity and trace ability of steel
  • Access to detailed material information enables optimization of customer processes (welding, bending, etc.)
  • Enhanced sustainability by optimization of whole value chains
  • Platform to develop new services for the value chain


Next steps

SSAB will continue the research to identify and crystallize use cases, customer experience and benefits for the value chain. I am existed about ecosystem and platform thinking. It is something totally new for the industry.

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